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Feather and Father Gang

"This is my daughter, Feather. Because of my influence and guidance, she was inspired to become a lawyer."

"This is my father, Harry. I hired him as an investigator for my law firm to keep him out of trouble. When I can't keep him out of trouble, at least as a lawyer, I can keep him out of jail."


Story Format

Toni "Feather" Danton is a hard-working, succesful lawyer. Her father, Harry Danton, is a smooth-talking ex-con man. Whenever she needs help with an especially difficult case, he comes to the rescue with some of his old pals. In their own indomitable way, the Gang (some of Harry's old buddies), investigates whatever the case may be.

The story idea for Feather and Father Gang was borrowed from the series SWITCH, in which Robert Wagner, Eddie Albert, and Sharon Gless starred.

Never Con A Killer
OAD: November, 1976


A young attorney, Toni "Feather" Danton, enlists the aid of her con-man father, Harry Danton, in clearing a hockey player charged with murder.

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