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Feather and Father Gang
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Discussion Forum: Post news, information, question or thoughts about Stefanie Powers life and career. Please understand that anything inappropriate will be deleted ... that means no slamming and no vulgarity.



Chat Forum: The chat room is available for Stefanie Powers fans any time a group would like to use it. In October, 2001, we will begin regularly scheduled chats for Stefanie fans on the first FRIDAY of each month at 7pm Eastern Time. If you'd like a reminder sent to you a couple days before the scheduled chat, send an email with "chat reminder" in subject line. Or, join our Stefanie Powers Group:

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Buy-Sell-Trade Forum: If you have items related to Stefanie Powers career for sale or for trade, or you are searching for that elusive bit of memorabilia, post it at this forum. Good luck! (And, don't forget to leave an email address so prospective buys, sellers, or traders can reach you.)

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